Examination Schedule

Internet Marketing School is pleased to announce that the monthly examination drive for various Digital marketing modules shall be conducted by our central trainers in the month of Jan, Feb, March. The details for the same are mentioned below:

Exam Schedule

1. For the month of January 2023.

Module NameSourceTotal MarksDate
WordPressOnline50 Marks5th Jan 2023
SMMOnline50 Marks6th Jan 2022
Email MarketingOnline50 Marks9th Jan 2022
SEOOnline50 Marks11th Jan 2022
Google AnalyticsOnline40 Marks13th Jan 2022
Content MarketingOnline40 Marks16th Jan 2022
Affialiate MarketingOnline40 Marks18th Jan 2022
Inbound MarketingOnline30 Marks20th Jan 2022
Gogle AdsOnline50 Marks23rd Jan 2022

2. For the month of February 2023.

Module NameSourceTotal MarksDate
WordPressOnline50 Marks02nd Feb 2023
SMMOnline50 Marks03rd Feb 2022
Email MarketingOnline50 Marks6th Feb 2022
SEOOnline50 Marks8th Feb 2022
Google AnalyticsOnline40 Marks10th Feb 2022
Content MarketingOnline40 Marks13th Feb 2022
Affialiate MarketingOnline40 Marks15th Feb 2022
Inbound MarketingOnline30 Marks17th Feb 2022
Gogle AdsOnline50 Marks20th Feb 2022

3. For the month of March 2023.

Module NameSourceTotal MarksDate
WordPressOnline50 Marks02nd Mar 2023
SMMOnline50 Marks03rd Mar 2022
Email MarketingOnline50 Marks10th Mar 2022
SEOOnline50 Marks13th Mar 2022
Google AnalyticsOnline40 Marks14th Mar 2022
Content MarketingOnline40 Marks16th Mar 2022
Affialiate MarketingOnline40 Marks17th Mar 2022
Inbound MarketingOnline30 Marks20th Mar 2022
Gogle AdsOnline50 Marks21th Mar 2022

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