Course Details:

What is YouTube Marketing?

When it comes to digital marketing there is a plethora of social media platforms to choose from to market your business. One such effective platform is YouTube. On YouTube, you can promote your brand through video content and considering the fact that video is an impactful medium to promote your business it should be included in the overall marketing plan. After Google, the second most visited site is YouTube with 2 billion global active users. So, to get your business in front of your target audience or to diversify your traffic source YouTube marketing is ideal. YouTube acts as an efficient platform as it allows you to drive better traffic, get higher visibility of your business on Google, create your email list, and drive higher conversions. It also provides multiple video types to create engaging and compelling content. Additionally, YouTube offers a massive media library for users to gain information regarding anything and everything. 

How to create your successful YouTube channel?

To start with YouTube marketing it is needless to say that you need to create a YouTube channel and to do so, follow these easy steps. Not only do these steps help you create your channel allow you to grow your brand through YouTube marketing.

  1. Set up your channel:
  • Sign in to YouTube and open a new channel using the gear icon in the settings.
  • Choose a business name and personalize the channel’s visuals.
  • Fill in the About section to build viewer trust.
  1. Conduct demographic research:
  • Understand your viewers’ needs, questions, and interests.
  • Create user-centric content, such as testimonials, behind-the-scenes, and interviews.
  • Pay attention to both content quality and visual appeal.
  1. Start with a trailer:
  • Grab viewers’ attention with a trailer video as your channel’s first upload.
  • Research and plan your trailer video for maximum impact.
  1. Optimize your videos:
  • Carefully fill in the title, description, and tags with relevant keywords.
  • Balance keyword usage without overdoing it.
  • Use closed captions and include a video transcript in the description.
  1. Be consistent:
  • Regularly post content to maintain viewer interest and increase visibility.
  • Plan ahead by scheduling content in advance.
  1. Integrate with other platforms:
  • Embed YouTube videos on your website for increased user engagement.
  • Share relevant video links in blog posts for easy understanding.
  • Promote your videos on business social media handles.
  1. Engage with the community:
  • Respond to viewer comments and inquiries to foster community engagement.
  • Collaborate with other creators or brands for mutual growth.
  • Utilize YouTube live events and engaging captions.
  1. Consider YouTube ads:
  • Invest in different types of YouTube ads to increase engagement.
  • Choose from skippable in-stream ads, non-skippable in-stream ads, and more.
  • Strategically allocate your ad budget for maximum impact

Course Lessons

1. How this course will help in growing your YouTube channel?

It will help you to make optimised videos for the viewers. So basically, you will be able to hit the right target audience and will increase the number of subscribers.

2. How will this course help to integrate with other platforms?

Through this course, you will be able to make optimised videos. After that, you will share those links on various social media platforms and between the relevant blogs as well. This will help in integrating various platforms & will increase user engagement.

3. Will this course help to increase views on videos?

This course will help to make engaging content for the videos, rightly optimised videos and will help you to use attractive thumbnails. This will increase views and viewers.

4. I don’t have much budget, will this course help me to make videos on a budget?

Definitely, this course will teach you how to choose the right tools on a budget and how to use them.

Words from the experts:

YouTube is one of the best platforms for brands. You can make videos for your brand on a budget & can reach out to a huge amount of potential consumers. Join the YouTube marketing course for becoming the best digital marketer in the field.

Know how can you achieve enhanced YouTube views

One of the best to market your brand is through YouTube, however, the purpose will only be fruitful if you can get the right views on your video. Here are some effective ways to increase the views on your YouTube videos:

  • Create engaging videos and incorporate attractive titles: Users on YouTube spend hours watching exciting content so strive to create compelling content that catches the attention of your audience. Also, incorporate optimized creative titles to grab the eyeballs. Remember to keep your title within 70 characters. Additionally, incorporate Call To Action to encourage viewers to engage with your content.
  • Optimize your content: Optimizing your content is crucial as it can increase video views. To optimize your content use relevant keyword-integrated titles and descriptions. Make it crisp and concise. Use the relevant keywords in your content as well, however don’t overuse the keywords as they might turn out to be redundant. Additionally, use relevant hashtags and YouTube categories to reach out to the right audience. Remember to engage with your viewers by replying to their comments and by collaborating with other creators.
  • Keep the requirements of your audience in mind: It is crucial to cater to the needs of your audience. Analyze your competitors’ content and research market trends to produce relevant and effective content. To check whether your content is performing well or not take the help of YouTube analytics. The analytics will provide you with information regarding the audience demographic, interests, geographic details, and more.
  • Create attention-grabbing thumbnails: Thumbnails are the first of the video content that grabs the attention of the audience, so try to keep it as engaging as possible. On Youtube, you can create custom thumbnails to make it more engaging.
  • Conduct a contest or giveaway: Users on YouTube love giveaways and contests. So, conduct a few giveaways or contests on YouTube to increase your engagement and subscribers. To conduct a giveaway or contest keep the YouTube guidelines in mind.
  • Create a YouTube playlist for the convenience of your audience. In addition to this, you can conduct live streaming to mitigate the queries of your audience. You can also run paid campaigns to increase the view.

Tips to create high quality videos on a stipulated budget

To attract your audience it is important to create high quality videos with gripping content. Here is a list of tips that will help you to create high quality videos

Choose the right tools:

  • Utilize video editing tools with relevant templates.
  • You can use tools like which offers a variety of video templates to create your content.

Focus on the basics:

  • Use a high-quality camera, proper lighting, and a presentable environment.
  • Invest in a good microphone for clear audio.

Use quality equipment:

  • Use your smartphones to create social media videos but for YouTube videos use dedicated equipment that can produce high quality content.
  • If you are using an iPhone remember to edit it with iMovie as it provides quality editing capabilities.

Learn to earn more through YouTube

YouTube is not just a platform that helps you increase your brand awareness, you can also earn through it.

  • Join the YouTube partner program: You become eligible to join the YouTube partner program if you have at least 1000 viewers and 4000 watch hours over a period of twelve months. In this program, you can earn through ad revenue, YouTube premium revenue, channel membership and more.
  • Start your own merch: You can also earn by selling your merchandise through your channel
  • Collaborate with brands: If you already have a successful YouTube channel then you can form collaborations with brands and earn a hefty amount through these collaborations.
  • Get paid by your viewers: Once you enroll in the partner program you can use the Super chat feature and you can monetize this feature.
  • Earn by increasing your subscribers: If your YouTube channel already has a large number of subscribers and they watch your entire videos then YouTube will pay you a certain amount.
  • Earn through premium subscribers: If your viewers are premium subscribers of YouTube then you will be paid. So encourage your viewers to take premium membership.